Why Plant Patrol®?

  • To know whether you are working with a reliable partner
  • To prove that you are a reliable partner
  • To detect illegality
  • To know what can be improved in your organisation

For whom is Plant Patrol® interesting?

  • Royalty Management Bureaus
  • Licensees
  • Breeders

What can you expect from a Plant Patrol® visit?

The audit has a fixed set of control points. It will address aspects such as the administration of licenses, label management and traceability. Also, production and business operations are part of the audit. The audit is carried out according to a fixed standard. As our client, you can add extra control points. When counting the numbers in the field, there will be checked whether they correspond with the administration and the declarations. For a label check, the labels are reviewed if they mention the correct and complete cultivar name and/or trade name and the correct plant protection number.

Of each audit, whether it is a count or a full audit, you will receive an extensive report.

An audit with a good result will be rewarded with a certificate. Certified companies are listed on our website and may use the Plant Patrol®-logo and the certificate for their own promotional purposes.

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